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Bow Plant Support – Take a Bow

The Problem - Floppy Plants

Isn’t it annoying when the plant you bought so proudly and with high expectations ends up looking so sad and dreary… You’ve fed and watered just as you should but the plant just seems to fall and flop.

Our Swiss Cheese Plant was in need of some TLC to say the least… Lighbulb moment.

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The Solution - Bow Plant Support

The Bow Plant Support was an idea thought to tackle this problem which so many of us face. A simple bamboo stick or plastic rod just would not cut the mustard. A sleek and simple design which hides within the plants to give structural support for the plant to grow to its full potential was needed.

Martin (Managing Director – Graphskill Ltd) came up with the solution to use a type of Elbow U-Bolt which we have manufactured in the past for other applications. A great idea to help our poor cheese plant.

Why use a Bow Plant Support?

Strength – The Bow Plant Support is so much stronger than any stick of bamboo or plastic that can be found on the market. Manufactured from T304 stainless steel, the Bow Support can survive all weather and adversity that can be swung its way where a stick would snap or lose durability.

Adjustability –  The Support has been designed so that it can support a range of different sized plants with the ability to adjust height using extra tiebars with connectors. As the plant grows to its full potential you can help it along with the help of a trustworthy bow support system.

Lifetime – The Bow Plant Support can be used for years and years with full effectiveness that was given from day 1. So why keep buying a cheap plastic thing every year when you can buy one Bow Support that will last for so much longer?

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How to use a Bow Support System

This very simple and easy to adjust system can be set up in a matter of seconds. See how to assemble the Bow Support and check it out in use with on these videos! We used a standard pack which comes with 2 legs and extended the height even more with addional leg extensions.

Purchase your Bow Plant Support Here!